David F. Dufty

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This study is a preliminary examination into the use of Coh-Metrix, a computational tool that measures cohesion and text difficulty at various levels of language, discourse, and conceptual analysis, as a means of measuring English text readability. The study uses 3 Coh-Metrix variables to analyze 32 academic reading texts and their corresponding readability(More)
Identifying given and new information within a text has long been addressed as a research issue. However, there has previously been no accurate computational method for assessing the degree to which constituents in a text contain given versus new information. This study develops a method for automatically categorizing noun phrases into one of three(More)
Computer scientists, linguists, stylometricians, and cognitive scientists have successfully divided corpora into modes, domains, genres, registers, and authors. The limitations for these successes, however, often result from insufficient indices with which their corpora are analyzed. In this paper, we use Coh-Metrix, a computational tool that analyzes text(More)
Recent research in cognitive science and psycholinguistics has provided evidence that extreme behaviors such as suicide may be predicted by analyzing an individual’s writing style. This study seeks to extend research of this kind to a new and less traditional written genre: song lyrics. We applied the computational tools Coh-Metrix and Linguistic Inquiry(More)
Coh-Metrix is a web-based application currently in development that automatically evaluates text. It uses two central concepts from discourse processing: text-based cohesion and situation-model based coherence. Cohesion is the degree to which components of the text are linked. Coherence is the representation of the world that the text conveys. Our intention(More)
We evaluated the effectiveness of new indices of text cohesion to determine the appropriate human assigned grade level of a text. In particular, we investigated the efficacy of automated text indices produced by the online tool CohMetrix in predicting the grade level assigned by publishers to their own textbooks. To do this, we sampled 311 school textbooks(More)
The identification of new versus given information within a text has been frequently investigated by researchers of language and discourse. Despite theoretical advances, an accurate computational method for assessing the degree to which a text contains new versus given information has not previously been implemented. This study discusses a variety of(More)
Recent research in reading comprehension supports the hypothesis that readers are aided by textual cohesion. Traditional readability formulas are not able to effectively assess levels of textual cohesion, nor do they account for potential comprehension obstacles caused by differences in genre. This research employs the computational tool, CohMetrix, to(More)
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