David F. Dufty

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Computer scientists, linguists, stylometricians, and cognitive scientists have successfully divided corpora into modes, domains, genres, registers, and authors. The limitations for these successes, however, often result from insufficient indices with which their corpora are analyzed. In this paper, we use Coh-Metrix, a computational tool that analyzes text(More)
Coh-Metrix is a web-based application currently in development that automatically evaluates text. It uses two central concepts from discourse processing: text-based cohesion and situation-model based coherence. Cohesion is the degree to which components of the text are linked. Coherence is the representation of the world that the text conveys. Our intention(More)
Recent research in reading comprehension supports the hypothesis that readers are aided by textual cohesion. Traditional readability formulas are not able to effectively assess levels of textual cohesion, nor do they account for potential comprehension obstacles caused by differences in genre. This research employs the computational tool, Coh-Metrix, to(More)
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