David F. Birks

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Geographical information systems (GIS) are becoming more prevalent in both day-today and strategic decision-making by retailers. Given the array of internal and external databases they use and integrate, and the human and organisational development needed, a most apposite description of how a GIS may be introduced for retailing decision-making is``system(More)
The literature on IT outsourcing is well-developed with distinct explanations of what may determine success. The context of IT outsourcing studies has primarily focused upon North American and European companies, seeking low-cost economies from links with developing nations to gain competitive advantage. These studies may not be generalisable to companies(More)
BACKGROUND In Australia and New Zealand, surgical trainees are expected to develop competencies across 9 domains. Although structured training is provided in several domains, there is little or no formal program for professionalism, communication, collaboration, and management and leadership. The Australian federal Department of Health and Aging funded a(More)
The Talking Walls® is a multimedia application that can to be adapted to suit any heritage site or historical building. The application recreates specific timeslices of a space, for example as defined by the architectural changes to the property. The application has been designed to be delivered via a range of different technologies such as DVD, Kiosk and(More)
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are becoming more prevalent for retailers in their use for both day-today and strategic decision-making. Given the array of internal and external databases they use, as well as the amount of organisational development, system implementation is a most apposite description of how a GIS supports retailing decision-making.(More)
In this paper, I consider the view that paternalism is wrong when it demeans or diminishes the paternalizee's moral status (the Moral Status Argument). I argue that we should reject the Moral Status Argument because it is both too narrow and too broad. It is too narrow because it cannot account for the wrongness of some of the most objectionable(More)
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