David F. Bird

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Analysis of a portion of Vostok ice core number 5G, which is thought to contain frozen water derived from Lake Vostok, Antarctica (a body of liquid water located beneath about 4 kilometers of glacial ice), revealed between 2 x 10(2) and 3 x 10(2) bacterial cells per milliliter and low concentrations of potential growth nutrients. Lipopolysaccharide (a(More)
Assessing ammonium (NH4 +) availability in aquatic systems requires accurate concentration and turnover rate data. Water column NH4 + regeneration, potential NH4 + uptake, and nitrogen (N) fixation rates were measured in Missisquoi Bay, Lake Champlain, to help constrain internal N dynamics affecting phytoplankton community structure and cyanobacteria (Cy)(More)
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