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Hominin evolution took a remarkable pathway, as the foraging strategy extended to large mammalian prey already hunted by a guild of specialist carnivores. How was this possible for a moderately sized ape lacking the formidable anatomical adaptations of these competing 'professional hunters'? The long-standing answer that this was achieved through the(More)
This paper wishes to problematize the foundations of production governance and offer an analytical perspective on the interrelation between agents’ preferences, strategic choice and the public sphere (defined by impacts of choices on “publics” who do not have an input in strategic choice, and by contextual conditions). The value is in the idea of(More)
UNLABELLED We raise and discuss two issues for clarification. First, over what timescale is cultural group selection proposed to have been active? Unprecedented cooperation is inferred to have arisen in hunter-gather life well before the recent period on which Richerson et al. FOCUS Second, what is the unit of selection? Groups (of human individuals)? Or(More)
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