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Traditional tracing systems are often limited to recording a fixed set of basic program events. This limitation can frustrate an application or compiler developer who is trying to understand and characterize the complex behavior of software systems such as a Java program running on a Java Virtual Machine. In the past, many developers have resorted to(More)
We study the long time evolution of a quantum particle interacting with a random potential in the Boltzmann-Grad low density limit. We prove that the phase space density of the quantum evolution defined through the Husimi function converges weakly to a linear Boltzmann equation. The Boltzmann collision kernel is given by the full quantum scattering cross(More)
Hyaluronan (HA) and its biosynthetic enzymes, HA synthases (HAS1, 2, and 3) are thought to participate in cancer progression. We have shown previously that HA production and HAS3 expression are increased in metastatic colon carcinoma cells (SW620) when compared with cells isolated from a primary tumor (SW480). Because invasion of the extracellular matrix is(More)
The task of developing, tuning, and debugging compiler optimizations is a difficult one which can be facilitated by software visualization. There are many characteristics of the code which must be considered when studying the kinds of optimizations which can be performed. Both static data collected at compile-time and dynamic runtime data can reveal(More)
UNLABELLED Candida albicans invades endothelial cells by binding to N-cadherin and other cell surface receptors. This binding induces rearrangement of endothelial cell actin microfilaments, which results in the formation of pseudopods that surround the organism and pull it into the endothelial cell. Here, we investigated the role of endothelial cell septin(More)
This thesis contributes to the development of adjoint variable methods (AVM) and space mapping (SM) technology for computer-aided electromagnetics (EM)-based modeling and design of microwave circuits and antennas. The AVM is known as an efficient approach to design sensitivity analysis for problems of high complexity. We propose a general self-adjoint(More)
The Java Intermediate Language (JIL) is a subset of XML and SGML described in this document. Its goal is to provide an intermediate representation of Java source code suitable for machine use. JIL benefits from the features of XML, such as extensibility and portability, while providing a common ground for software tools. The following document discusses the(More)
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