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By mediating depolarization-induced Ca(2+) influx, high-voltage-activated Ca(2+) channels control a variety of cellular events. These heteromultimeric proteins are composed of an ion-conducting (alpha(1)) and three auxiliary (alpha(2)delta, beta and gamma) subunits. The alpha(2)delta subunit enhances the trafficking of the channel complex to the cell(More)
Presynaptic gamma-aminobutyric acid type B receptors (GABA(B)Rs) regulate transmitter release at many central synapses by inhibiting Ca(2+) channels. However, the mechanisms by which GABA(B)Rs modulate neurotransmission at descending terminals synapsing on motoneurons in the spinal cord remain unexplored. To address this issue, we characterized the effects(More)
Obesity is a worldwide health problem that has reached epidemic proportions. To ameliorate this problem, one approach is the use of appetite suppressants. These compounds are frequently amphetamine congeners such as diethylpropion (DEP), phentermine (PHEN), and bupropion (BUP), whose effects are mediated through serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopaminergic(More)
In this article we launch a low cost design of an embedded portable system to measure the height of a vertical jump through contact platforms. The " SALTOMETRO " , name given to the embedded system, can measure up to 32s of flight time with a resolution of 500µs, can calculate the vertical jump height and show it in a liquid crystal display (LCD) in less(More)
In this communication we reported the study of a cation channel present in the cytoplasmic membrane of the nitrogen fixing bacterium Rhizobium etli. Inner-membrane (IM) vesicles were purified and fused into planar lipid bilayers (PLBs), under voltage clamp conditions. We have found that fusion of IM-enriched vesicle fractions with these model membranes(More)
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