David Edelstein

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OBJECTIVE To identify potential psychosocial and educational barriers to clinical success following knee replacement. PATIENTS AND METHODS The authors evaluated 241 patients undergoing total knee replacement, preoperatively and 6 months after surgery. Outcomes included the Western Ontario McMaster (WOMAC) scale and the Knee Society rating system (KSRS).(More)
No one had given Muhammad Ali a chance against George Foreman in the World Heavyweight Championship Žght of October 30, 1974. Foreman, none of whose opponents had lasted more than three rounds in the ring, was the strongest, hardest hitting boxer of his generation. Ali, though not as powerful as Foreman, had a slightly faster punch and was lighter on his(More)
We focus on the efficient usage of specimen repositories for the evaluation of new diagnostic tests and for comparing new tests with existing tests. Typically, all pre-existing diagnostic tests will already have been conducted on all specimens. However, we propose retesting only a judicious subsample of the specimens by the new diagnostic test. Subsampling(More)
We develop a new typology for examination of the effects of international institutions on member states’ behavior. Some institutions lead to convergence of members’ practices, while others result, often for unintended reasons, in divergence. We hypothesize that the observed effect of institutions depends on the level of externalities to state behavior; the(More)
Stress fractures can be a troublesome injury for the sports medicine clinician. The first description was in military personnel, but recently there is an increasing awareness and diagnosis of stress fractures in the athletic population. Stress fractures have been described in all extremities. Some fractures appear to have a degree of sports specificity.(More)
Fractures of the epiphyseal plate are considered rare when compared with the more prevalent injuries found in competitive sports, but the complications associated with this type of trauma are a major concern. The factors affecting the success or failure of healing include the severity of injury, patient age, and the type and expedience of treatment. This(More)
This article examines whether the outbreak of an insurgency after the U.S. invasion of Iraq was an avoidable policy failure or whether the structural conditions surrounding the occupation made such an outbreak inevitable. Several U.S. policy mistakes, in particular the deployment of too few troops, a lack of comprehensive political and military planning for(More)
Thin film characterization, electrical performance, and preliminary reliability of physical vapor-deposited (PVD) TaN/ chemical vapor-deposited (CVD) Ru bilayer were carried out to evaluate its feasibility as a liner layer for BackEnd of Line (BEOL) Cu-low k integration. Adhesion and barrier strength were studied using 4-point bend, x-ray diffraction (XRD),(More)
This paper describes a component-based design for a virtual network construction and simulation tool to be used for educational purposes. In this study, the elements of a computer network are defined in terms of discrete objects. It presents the component hierarchy and design requirements for modeling a network, and describes the means by which these(More)