David Ebenezer

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A new decision-based algorithm is proposed for restoration of images that are highly corrupted by impulse noise. The new algorithm shows significantly better image quality than a standard median filter (SMF), adaptive median filters (AMF), a threshold decomposition filter (TDF), cascade, and recursive nonlinear filters. The proposed method, unlike other(More)
A new and efficient algorithm for high-density salt and pepper noise removal in images and videos is proposed. The existing non-linear filter like Standard Median Filter (SMF), Adaptive Median Filter (AMF), Decision Based Algorithm (DBA) and Robust Estimation Algorithm (REA) shows better results at low and medium noise densities. At high noise densities,(More)
A new switching-based median filtering scheme for restoration of images that are highly corrupted by salt and pepper noise is proposed. An algorithm based on the scheme is developed. The new scheme introduces the concept of substitution of noisy pixels by linear prediction prior to estimation. A novel simplified linear predictor is developed for this(More)
In this paper, we propose a Switching Bilateral Filter for universal noise removal. The algorithm contains two stages: detection followed by filtering. We propose a new scheme called as Quadrant Median Vector, which contains important features like edges and fine details. The Quadrant Median Vector is utilized to allocate a Reference Median which is in turn(More)
Image Processing refers to the use of algorithm to perform processing on digital image. Microscopic images like some microorganism images contain different type of noises which reduce the quality of the images. Removing noise is a difficult task. Noise removal is an issue of image processing. Images containing noise degrade the quality of the images.(More)
Median filter is well known for removing impulsive noise and preserving edges. Repeatedly filtering of any one-dimensional signal with a median filter will produce a root signal. Any impulses in the input signal will be removed by sufficient number of passes of median filter, where any root like features in the input signal will be preserved. A signal of(More)
Image denoising is very important during enhancement of image. Original Image is generally corrupted with various types of noise. The noise present in the images may appear as additive or multiplicative components. The most challenging problem is removing that noise from an Image while preserving its details. Several noise removal techniques have been(More)
A Prediction based adaptive median filtering algorithm is proposed for restoration of audio signals. This algorithm consists of prediction, detection and adaptive median filtering stages. The proposed algorithm is efficient in detection and suppression of degradations in audio signals compared to the weighted median filter, recursive weighted median filter,(More)
RSA algorithm is used to overcome security attack. Neural network classification is used to detect the forgery involved in digital images. Contrast Enhancement is typically used to adjust the global brightness and contrast of digital images. It is significant to detect contrast enhancement for verifying the originality and authenticity of the digital(More)