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The number of pancreas transplants performed and the success rate have increased significantly since the first segmental pancreas transplant was performed in 1966. Since 1977, 716 pancreas transplants have been performed in 670 patients at 69 institutions. Currently 230 grafts (32 per cent) are listed as functioning (insulin independent). The present 1-year(More)
A new registry for human pancreas and islet transplantation has been established (D. E. R. Sutherland). Between 17 December 1966 and 31 December 1980, 108 pancreas transplantations were performed. Six patients had grafts that functioned for more than 12 months. In most of the 68 islet allotransplants performed, little or no evidence of islet function has(More)
BACKGROUND Withdrawal symptoms hinder smoking cessation in nicotine-dependent smokers. This prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted to evaluate buspirone for nicotine withdrawal symptoms. METHODS Fifty-four heavy smokers (mean 33.1 cigarettes per day for 24 years) were randomly prescribed 30 mg/d of buspirone or placebo(More)
We measured Na, K, Cl, glucose, hemoglobin, erythrocytes, and hematocrit in the serum or blood from approximately 800 male and 200 female second-year medical students in an effort to define the size of an acceptable reference population. Using the data from the men and Monte Carlo simulations of 10-400 samples, each carried out 5000 times, we found that for(More)
According to cases reported to the new International Human Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Registry, 190 pancreas transplants in 178 patients were performed worldwide between December 16, 1966, and December 31, 1981. Currently (March 1982), 19 patients have functioning pancreas grafts and are insulin-independent, 9 for more than 1 yr. All of the patients(More)
Tobacco withdrawal symptoms hamper smoking cessation. This was a pilot study of buspirone, a new azapirone anxiolytic, for tobacco withdrawal. Thirteen smokers entered an open clinical trial. Smokers were titrated to 30 mg/day of oral buspirone for 2 weeks prior to cessation. Tobacco withdrawal and Spielberger state-anxiety scales were used at baseline, on(More)
We report a case of clinical hepatitis associated with occupational exposure to halothane in a research laboratory. A biochemist who for 3 y repeatedly used halothane for sedation and euthanization of rats suffered recurrent episodes of epigastric discomfort, culminating in an episode of malaise, anorexia, jaundice and elevated liver associated enzymes that(More)
Since 1977 and especially within the latest 5 years there was a volatile development in the pancreas transplantation. If we had only 60 transplants between 1966-1977, prevalent duodeno-pancreas-transplants, the cases rose to 215 up to 1982 and to 447 transplantations between 1983 to 1985. Altogether there were 722 pancreas transplants, up to November, 15,(More)