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The Insignificance of the Liberal Peace
This article challenges "The Liberal Peace" described in work by Michael Doyle from three standpoints. First, it questions whether the statistical tests (which were performed and published byExpand
The State of Cooperation in Theories of State Cooperation: The Evolution of a Category Mistake
This review article examined three major studies based on cooperation using a tit-for-tat strategy in iterated Prisoners' Dilemma games. It argues that the iterated Prisoners' Dilemma is not so muchExpand
Criminalizing Immigration: The Social Construction of Borders and National Security
Realism, a useful theory for the study of International Relations, is all the more useful when married with Constructivism. Key concepts such as power, borders, and national security are socialExpand
Correspondence: The Liberal Peace 'and Yet it Squirms', the Author Replies
The article "The Insignificance of the Liberal Peace" was written as part of a friendly scholarly debate with Michael Doyle, who had written a seminal work on the topic. Bruce Russett had alsoExpand