David E. Womble

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Dense linear systems of equations are quite common in science and engineering, arising in boundary element methods, least squares problems and other settings. Massively parallel computers will be necessary to solve the large systems required by scientists and engineers, and scalable parallel algorithms for the linear algebra applications must be devised for(More)
The solution of Grand Challenge Problems will require computations which are too large to t in the memories of even the largest machines. Inevitably, new designs of I/O systems will be necessary to support them. Through our implementations of an out-of-core LU factorization we have learned several important lessons about what I/O systems should be like. In(More)
Fast, accurate imaging of complex, oil-bearing geologies, such as overthrusts and salt domes, is the key to reducing the costs of domestic oil and gas exploration. Geo-physicists say that the known oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico could be signiicantly increased if accurate seismic imaging beneath salt domes was possible. A range of techniques exist for(More)