David E Speyer

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The tree-metric theorem provides a necessary and sufficient condition for a dissimilarity matrix to be a tree metric, and has served as the foundation for numerous distance-based reconstruction methods in phylogenetics. Our main result is an extension of the tree-metric theorem to more general dissimilarity maps. In particular, we show that a tree with n(More)
Barot, Geiss and Zelevinsky define a notion of a “cyclically orientable graph” and use it to devise a test for whether a cluster algebra is of finite type. Barot, Geiss and Zelivinsky’s work leaves open the question of giving an efficient characterization of cyclically orientable graphs. In this paper, we give a simple recursive description of cyclically(More)
In earlier work, Jockusch, Propp, and Shor proved a theorem describing the limiting shape of the boundary between the uniformly tiled corners of a random tiling of an Aztec diamond and the more unpredictable ‘temperate zone’ in the interior of the region. The so-called arctic circle theorem made precise a phenomenon observed in random tilings of large Aztec(More)
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