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A model of context effects ii in various contexts. In the moqel interactions of detectors for excites detectors for visual letters consistent with the a< detectors for consistent words and send feedback to the ceptibility of their constituent the perceptual advantage fo consistent with the basic fact; model produces facilitation fi words. Pseudowords(More)
Internal models of the environment have an important role to play in adap-tive systems in general and are of particular importance for the supervised learning paradigm. In this paper we demonstrate that certain classical problems associated with the notion of the \teacher" in supervised learning can be solved by judicious use of learned internal models as(More)
This paper reporis the results of our studies with an unsupervised learning paradigm which we have cal l ed " Competitive Learning. " We have examined competitive learning using both computer simulation and formal analysis and hove found that when it is appl i ed to parallel networks of neuron-like elements , many potentially useful learning tasks can be(More)
Scholars of language and psycholinguistics have been among the first to stress the importance of rules in describing human behavior. The reason for this is obvious. Many aspects of language can be characterized by rules , and the speakers of natural languages speak the language correctly. Therefore , systems of rules are useful in characterizing what they(More)
We review the major phenomena of skilled typing and propose a model for the control of the hands and fingers during typing. The model is based upon an Activation-Trigger-Schema system in which a hierarchical structure of sche-mata directs the selection of the letters to be typed and, then, controls the hand and finger movements by a cooperative, relaxation(More)
The interactive activation model of cor. text effects in letter perception is reviewed, elaborated, and tested. According to the model context aids the perception of target letters as they are processed in the perceptual system. The implication that the duration and timing of the context in which a letter occurs should greatly influence the perceptibility(More)
  • References, D B Schwartz, +5 authors B A Huberman Generalization
  • 1992
it is strictly only valid in a little neighborhood around that vector. The improvement from a weight decay was also tested by simulations. For the NetTalk data it was shown that a weight decay can decrease the generalization error (squared error) and also, although less signiicantly, the actual mistake rate of the network when the phoneme closest to the(More)