David E. Lerner

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We describe a procedure (and the motivation behind it) which rapidly and accurately tracks the onset and progress of an epileptic seizure. Roughly speaking, one monitors changes in the relative dispersion of a re-embedded time series. The results are robust with respect to variation of adjustable parameters such as embedding dimension , lag time, and(More)
Systems of coupled chaotic maps and flows arise in many situations of physical and biological interest. The aim of this paper is to analyze and to present numerical evidence for a common type of nonhyperbolic behavior in these systems: unstable dimension variability. We show that unstable periodic orbits embedded in the dynamical invariant set of such a(More)
An improved dark object subtraction technique for atmospheric scattering correction of multispectral data, " Remote Sens. Abstract—As regularly spaced time series imagery becomes more prevalent in the remote sensing community, monitoring these data for temporal consistency will become an increasingly important problem. Long-term trends must be identified,(More)
Innovative applications of non-linear time series analysis have recently been used to investigate physiological phenomena. In this study, we investigated the feasibility of using the correlation integral to monitor the localized muscle fatigue process in the biceps brachii during sustained maximal efforts. The subjects performed isometric maximum(More)
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