David E. Kidd

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1. Identifying natural enemies that can maintain pests at low abundances is a priority in biological control. Here, we show that experiments combined with models generate new insights into identifying effective control agents prior to their release in the field. Using a host-parasitoid community (the harlequin bug and its egg parasitoids) as a model system,(More)
Selenium (Se) levels were determined in liver, kidney, blood, and serum of wild rodents using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry. A simple wet digestion technique was used to prepare samples for analysis. Nickel nitrate was used to suppress volatilization of Se during the char stage. Compared to existing techniques this greatly reduces the(More)
A newly formed reservoir in the southwestern part of the United States was analyzed for man's impact on the eutrophication of the impoundment. The analysis of the 14C net productivity (mg 12C/m2 per day) indicated that the area studied was naturally eutrophic. Significant differences in net production were observed among the sites, as the area where man's(More)
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