David E. Jaffe

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Alterations of inhibitory GABAergic neurons are implicated in multiple psychiatric and neurological disorders, including schizophrenia, autism and epilepsy. In particular, interneuron deficits in prefrontal areas, along with presumed decreased inhibition, have been reported in several human patients. The majority of forebrain GABAergic interneurons arise(More)
Recent results from CLEO on the search for CP violation in beauty and charm meson decays are reviewed. CP violation (CP V) was first observed nearly 40 years ago in the form of mixing-induced CP V in neutral kaon decays [1]. With the the recent confirmation of the observation of direct CP violation in neutral kaon decays [2], only CP V due to the(More)
Many psychiatric and neurological disorders present persistent neuroanatomical abnormalities in multiple brain regions that may reflect a common origin for a developmental disturbance. In mammals, many of the local GABAergic inhibitory interneurons arise from a single subcortical source. Perturbations in the ontogeny of the GABAergic interneurons may be(More)
A method employing Bayesian statistics is used to incorporate recent experimental results on B 0 d ¯ B 0 d and B 0 s ¯ B 0 s mixing into a measurement of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix elements with small theoretical uncertainties. The neutral B meson mixing results yield a slight improvement in the estimate of |V td |. Prospects for improving the(More)
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