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Although high serum concentrations of chloramphenicol are related to toxicity, as shown experimentally and during treatment, the mechanism of toxicity remains unclear. Published work suggests that relatively minor metabolites may be causally related to toxic reactions in vitro and some of these metabolites have been detected in sera from treated patients.(More)
Esophageal hiatal hernia was diagnosed in 11 young Chinese Shar-Pei dogs between October 1985 and July 1991. The dogs ranged in age from 2 to 11 months and included 3 females and 8 males. The most common clinical signs were regurgitation, vomiting, and hypersalivation. Physical examination was normal in 6 dogs; abnormal physical examination findings in the(More)
Results of abdominal ultrasonography in 63 dogs and cats with suspected congenital portosystemic shunts (PSS) were compared with surgical, portographic, and necropsy findings. True-positive ultrasonographic results were found in 33 animals, and 2 animals had false-positive results for detection of single extrahepatic PSS. In 4 animals, results were true(More)
PURPOSE Surgical resection remains the most effective therapy for solid tumors worldwide. The most important prognostic indicator for cure following cancer surgery is a complete resection with no residual disease. However, intraoperative detection of retained cancer cells after surgery is challenging, and residual disease continues to be the most common(More)
Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) was indirectly measured, using a transurethral catheterization technique, in 20 client-owned dogs before and after elective ovariohysterectomy. Mean preoperative IAP was 4.50 +/- 0.44 cm H2O. Elective abdominal surgery caused significant elevations in mean postoperative IAP (mean 7.50 +/- 0.45 cm H2O, range 0 to 15 cm H2O)(More)
INTRODUCTION Defining tumor from non-tumor tissue is one of the major challenges of cancer surgery. Surgeons depend on visual and tactile clues to select which tissues should be removed from a patient. Recently, we and others have hypothesized near-infrared (NIR) imaging can be used during surgery to differentiate tumors from normal tissue. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND Over 80,000 people undergo pulmonary resection for a lung nodule in the United States each year. Small nodules are frequently missed or difficult to find despite preoperative imaging. We hypothesized that near-infrared (NIR) imaging technology could be used to identify and locate lung nodules during surgery. METHODS We enrolled 18 patients who(More)
1. Chloramphenicol continues to be widely used in many parts of the world despite its known haematotoxicity. Until now, elucidation of the mechanisms involved and any attempt at amelioration of the toxic effects have been hampered by the lack of an animal model. 2. In this study neither acute nor chronic administration of chloramphenicol as its succinate(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of neonatal meningitis in England and Wales. DESIGN A national postal survey using the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) card scheme supplemented by information from other sources. SETTING England and Wales 1996-1997. SUBJECTS A total of 274 babies less than 28 days of age who were treated for(More)