David E. Haines

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We hypothesized that frequency domain analysis of an interatrial atrial fibrillation (AF) electrogram would show a correlation of the variance of the signal and the amplitude of harmonic peaks with the periodicity and morphology (organization) of the AF signal and defibrillation efficacy. We sought to develop an algorithm that would provide a(More)
BACKGROUND We hypothesized that frequency domain analysis of a wide bipolar interatrial electrogram describes the global organization of atrial fibrillation (AF) and should vary over time. By timing shocks to periods of high organization of AF, cardioversion efficacy should improve. METHODS AND RESULTS A total of 15 dogs (weight, 28.2+/-3.4 kg) were(More)
BACKGROUND Over a 12-month period, adolescent heart-screening programs were performed for identifying at-risk adolescents for sudden cardiac death (SCD) in our community. Novel to our study, all adolescents received an abbreviated, ultraportable echocardiography (UPE). In this report, we describe the use of UPE in this screening program. METHODS AND(More)
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