David E. Drehmer

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The study investigated the construct validity of the Rorschach space response by factor analyzing the stress-coping reactions to highly stressful conditions. Self-report reactions to stress of 173 medical students measured on the Habits of Nervous Tension showed that space responding loaded highest on a factor identified as "anger affect" and secondarily(More)
This paper describes how software development process naturally evolves. Items taken from an early version of the SEI's CMM questionnaire are shown to make up a linear scale that describes how software development and management practices are introduced in a software production organization. Analysis of this scale shows that when software practices are(More)
A laboratory experiment tested the hypothesis that age and written descriptions of performance affected simulated evaluations for reduction in work force. 56 supervisors and managers attending night school reviewed written descriptions of seven individuals' performance. Seven different ages ranging from 25 to 63 years were paired with each individual's(More)
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