David E. Detlefsen

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The use of potential biasing and biphasic, asymmetric current pulse waveforms to maximize the charge-injection capacity of activated iridium oxide (AIROF) microelectrodes used for neural stimulation is described. The waveforms retain overall zero net charge for the biphasic pulse, but employ an asymmetry in the current and pulse widths of each phase, with(More)
Cyclic voltametry and recording of stimulation electrode voltage excursions are two critical methods of measurement for understanding the performance of implantable electrodes. Because implanted electrodes cannot easily be replaced, it is necessary to have an a-priori understanding of an electrode's implanted performance and capabilities. In-vitro(More)
Capacitive coupling within high-density microelectrode arrays can degrade neural recording signal or disperse neural stimulation current. Material deterioration in a chronically implanted neural stimulation/recording system can cause such an undesired effect. We present a simple method with an iterative algorithm to quantify the cross-coupling capacitance,(More)
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