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Th is report was prepared through the collaborative eff orts of the individuals noted below. It refl ects their expert contributions as well as the many insights generated at the Th is report was prepared as an account of work cosponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Th e views and opinions expressed herein do not(More)
The United States and its allies are being challenged by the advantages (and threats) of the Global Information Age. In response to these challenges, a new force structure is being proposed which is built upon global awareness, global engagement, and rapid deployment of specific (effects based) forces. Revolutionary advances in information resources and(More)
CPS has extraordinary significance for the future of the U.S. industry. There is much more at stake than just extending our leadership in networking and information technology to an exploding new market segment. Falling behind in the foundations of CPS may render our scientific and technological infrastructure obsolete, leading to rapid loss in our(More)
Functional verification is a major part of the effort to design electronic systems. Over the years, EDA has developed a suite of tools and methods to address the verification challenges by a patchwork of approaches. However, as the system complexity continues to increase, traditional methods may not be adequate to ensure flawless behavior. In this(More)
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