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This paper presents the effects of climate, topography, and natural ecology on public health, nutrition, demographics, technological diffusion, international trade and other determinants of economic development in Africa. The goal of this paper is to emphasize the need for intensified research on the issues at the intersection of ecology and human society.(More)
Although memory impairment is recognized as a major fact of schizophrenia, only a few studies have investigated memory impairments with specifically designed event-related potential (ERP) protocols. In this study, ERPs were recorded from 15 schizophrenia patients and 15 matched control subjects during implicit and explicit memory tasks for unfamiliar faces.(More)
We document a negative association between nonmarital childbearing and the subsequent likelihood of first marriage in the United States, controlling for a variety of potentially confounding influences. Nonmarital childbearing does not appear to be driven by low expectations of future marriage. Rather, it tends to be an unexpected and unwanted event, whose(More)
This study examined the prevalence of intimate partner violence in Jordan among a sample of 517 reproductive health clinic attendees. Intimate partner violence was measured using the World Health Organization's domestic violence questionnaire which was modified by the results of focus group discussions conducted in Amman. The percentages of women(More)
Recently, two polymorphisms (DBH5'-Ins/del and DBH 444 g/a) of the Dopamine Beta Hydroxylase (DBH) gene were isolated, and one haplotype (Del-a) was found to be associated with low DBH activity and cocaine-induced paranoia. The purpose of this study is to test for association between these two polymorphisms and schizophrenia or its phenotypic variability(More)
2181 higher smoking prevalence than that which would otherwise be anticipated among blacks and Hispanics. At the population level, the TPSAC found that the availability of menthol cigarettes probably increases the likelihood of experimentation and regular smoking in the general population and particularly among blacks. By increasing the number of smokers,(More)
BACKGROUND Many mathematical models have investigated the impact of expanding access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) on new HIV infections. Comparing results and conclusions across models is challenging because models have addressed slightly different questions and have reported different outcome metrics. This study compares the predictions of several(More)
The HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) 052 study, which showed the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment in reducing HIV transmission, has been hailed as a "game changer" in the fight against HIV, prompting calls for scaling up treatment as prevention (TasP). However, it is unclear how TasP can be financed, given flat-lining support for global HIV(More)
The role of medication in the recovery of mental health consumers is important. In the context of a multi-site Canadian study on the meaning of recovery, five themes related to medication and recovery emerged from qualitative interviews with 60 consumers. For these consumers, recovery meant: finding a medication that works; taking medication in combination(More)