David E. Bain

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Killer whale (Orcinus orca) audiograms were measured using behavioral responses and auditory evoked potentials (AEPs) from two trained adult females. The mean auditory brainstem response (ABR) audiogram to tones between 1 and 100 kHz was 12 dB (re 1 mu Pa) less sensitive than behavioral audiograms from the same individuals (+/- 8 dB). The ABR and behavioral(More)
Johnstone Strait provides important summer habitat for the northern resident killer whales Orcinus orca of British Columbia. The site is also an active whale-watching area. A voluntary code of conduct requests that boats do not approach whales closer than 100 m to address perceived, rather than demonstrated, effects of boat traf®c on killer whales. The(More)
Objectives We aimed to examine the characteristics of deep venous flow in the leg in a cast and the effects of a wearable neuromuscular stimulator (geko; FirstKind Ltd) and also to explore the participants' tolerance of the stimulator. Methods This is an open-label physiological study on ten healthy volunteers. Duplex ultrasonography of the superficial(More)
Kinematic properties of trunk extension are considered sensitive differentiators of movement between asymptomatic and low back pain subjects. The aim of this study was to quantify the continuous interaction of the hip and lumbar spine kinematics and temporal characteristics as a function of direction during the task of trunk bending backwards and returning(More)
ii NMFS DISCLAIMER Recovery plans delineate reasonable actions which the best available information indicates are necessary to recover and/or protect listed species. Plans are published by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), sometimes prepared with the assistance of recovery teams, State agencies, contractors, and others. Recovery plans do not(More)
Acevedo-Whitehouse, Karina, et al. 2003. Disease susceptibility in California sea lions: inbreeding influences the response of these animals to different pathogens in the wild. Nature 422(6927):35. REPRINT FILE. A three-stage algorithm for filtering erroneous Argos satellite locations. Studies of foraging in "southern resident" killer whales during July(More)
La conception de systèmes de réalité mixte aborde des aspects non couverts par les processus traditionnels : de nouvelles approches ont donc vu le jour comme la méthodologie CoCSys et le modèle IRVO issus des travaux de notre équipe. Dans cet article nous nous intéressons à l'étape de transformation du modèle de conception en un assemblage de composants(More)
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