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Currently available data suggest that most of the energy and material consumption related to the production of an integrated circuit is due to the wafer fabrication process. The complexity of wafer manufacturing, requiring hundreds of steps that vary from product to product and from facility to facility and which change every few years, has discouraged the(More)
Background and Objective. The purpose of this retrospective observational study was to examine the influence of severe obesity on length of stay (LOS), rehabilitation efficiency, and hospital costs post-acute rehabilitation in a population-based, tertiary care, publicly-funded regional rehabilitation center. Participants. 42 severely obese subjects (mean(More)
A qualitative and quantitative assessment was conducted regarding falls sustained by in-patients receiving rehabilitation therapy following major lower limb amputation at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. During the nine-month assessment period, 18 of 58 patients in the amputee unit experienced a fall, of which 17% resulted in a moderate injury. The(More)
We have identified five such capabilities: Search, Coordination, Automation, Evolution, and Inter-User Interactions. They will be directly supported by the computing environment. Hence, each represents a “freedom” that users will enjoy without having to program them (i.e. be concerned with the details of how they are achieved). They form both the conceptual(More)
This paper presents some of the issues involved in implementing Interlisp [19] on a VAX computer [24] with the goal of producing a version that runs under UNIX[17], specifically Berkeley VM/UNIX. This implementation has the following goals: • To be compatible with and functionally equivalent to Interlisp-10. • To serve as a basis for future(More)
This paper reports on recent developments of the ISI- Interlisp implementation of Interlisp on a VAX computer. ISI-Interlisp currently runs under UNIX, specifically the Berkeley VM/UNIX and VMS operating systems. Particular attention is paid to the current status of the implementation and the growing pains experienced in the last few years. Included is a(More)
Three men presented to a single regional secure psychiatric unit over a twelve-month period, after taking their youngest child hostage in their own homes because of a threatened separation from the family. In each case the episode had escalated because of hostility to police involvement in what for them was a typical domestic upheaval. All cases ended(More)
PURPOSE Obesity is associated with a wide range of chronic illnesses and disabilities familiar to rehabilitation researchers and practitioners. Obesity discourse in the area of rehabilitation science and practice is limited. METHOD A meeting of rehabilitation researchers, practitioners, industry and decision makers was held for the purpose of identifying(More)