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Intrusion detection systems (IDS) perform an important role in the provision of network security, providing realtime notification of attacks in progress. One promising category of IDS attempts to incorporate into its design properties found in the natural immune system. Although previous attempts to apply immunology to intrusion detection have considered(More)
Modem medicine may be something like Solomon's Temple. Built upon tested foundations, one stone upon another, her towering walls commanding the view of all, so magnificent a structure was this Temple that the people of Jerusalem were inclined to forget that God once dwelt in the tents of their fathers. Nor was it easier for the priesthood within. With few(More)
The art of healing knows no distinction between religion and medicine. They are warp and woof of the same fabric, each supporting the other. The ancients viewed the weave as a whole; we stain for medicine, and, under high magnification, see little of its interlacing pattern with religion. Today we talk about religion and medicine. This word and has been the(More)
pared to normal synovial cells. This little book reviews these and other measurements in plasma, urine, synovial fluid, tissue extracts and synovial cell culture. The chapter on hormones is notable for its statement that prednisolone is the only drug which can halt the erosive progress of rheumatoid arthritis. This is certainly not the orthodox view of most(More)
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