David Donnet

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Excellent performance (995 muA/mum at I<sub>off</sub>=94 n A/mum and V<sub>dd</sub>=lV) and short channel effect control are achieved for tall, narrow FinFETs without mobility enhancement. Near-ideal fin/gate profiles are achieved with standard 193 nm immersion lithography and dry etch. PVD TiN electrodes on Hf SiO dielectrics are shown to give improved(More)
The degradation of SiCr-based thin-film resistors under current and temperature stress and the Joule heating in the resistors are experimentally investigated to set current limitation design rules. Degradation mechanisms, the failure modes, and the impact of the stress test on Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), are studied with the use of various(More)
The physical structure of Co/Cu multilayers, sputtered in different gases ~Ar, Kr, and Xe! together with the domain structures that these films support have been investigated using electron microscopy in an attempt to explain the differences in their measured magnetoresistance ~MR!. Both planar and cross-sectional analyses were undertaken. Due to only(More)
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