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Studies evaluating the effects of diazepam (Valium) on psychomotor and cognitive functions are reviewed an integrated. The importance of the full and clear documentation of such drug effects lies in the wide usage of diazepam today for a variety of medical, psychiatric, and dental purposes. The various tasks used to assess drug effects were classified into(More)
BACKGROUND One in 5 American children is overweight, despite a decrease in total fat consumption. This has sparked an interest in the carbohydrate composition of diets, including the glycemic index (GI). OBJECTIVE To investigate whether a low-GI meal replacement (LMR) produced similar metabolic, hormonal, and satiety responses in overweight adolescents as(More)
Forty-two patients (37 women, 5 men; mean age 61 years) with varying degrees of anal sphincter dysfunction were treated by postanal repair. Results were analysed in relation to age, sex, presenting complaint and the results of preoperative anorectal physiological tests. Complete continence was restored in 13 (31%), while acceptable but slightly impaired(More)
BACKGROUND Pruritus ani is a common and socially embarrassing condition which is often poorly managed. It is often classified as idiopathic where the symptoms are usually transitory or secondary when a more persistent itch is experienced. The aim of this study was to establish the cause of pruritus ani in a group of patients referred to a combined(More)
A prospective randomized trial was carried out on 207 patients undergoing laparotomy using three different vertical abdominal incisions--midline, 'medial' paramedian incision and 'lateral' paramedian incision. The lateral paramedian incision is slightly more time-consuming to perform than the other two incisions but there is a statistically greater(More)
UNLABELLED Glucocorticoids are an effective treatment for croup, although the most beneficial route of administration remains unclear. Recent studies have concluded that both intramuscular dexamethasone and oral dexamethasone are effective treatments, but there are few data directly comparing the two for moderate-to-severe croup. OBJECTIVES The authors'(More)
OBJECTIVES Some physicians prescribe corticosteroids as adjunctive therapy for patients with migraine headaches to decrease the rate of rebound headache. The efficacy of this practice has not been tested. Our objective is to determine the efficacy of single-dose dexamethasone as adjunctive therapy for emergency medicine patients with migraine headache in(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To review the signalment, clinical, and histological features of canine limbal melanoma; (2) to perform pedigree analysis on breeds predisposed to limbal melanoma to establish if common ancestry exists; and (3) to investigate if any ancestral relationship exists between canine limbal melanoma and canine anterior uveal melanoma (CAUM). (More)
This study assesses the perforation rate of single and double gloves and thus the extent to which double gloving protects the surgeon from diseases transmissible from the patient. We have also investigated whether double gloving offers the patient extra protection by reducing wound sepsis. Two hundred adult hernia repairs were performed, the first 100(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the degree of familial aggregation of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), determine whether the aggregation of JIA and the aggregation of type 1 diabetes mellitus (type 1 DM) overlap, and identify multiplex JIA pedigrees. METHODS Records of individuals with JIA or type 1 DM were probabilistically linked with records in the Utah(More)