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FaceTouch: Enabling Touch Interaction in Display Fixed UIs for Mobile Virtual Reality
We present FaceTouch, a novel interaction concept for mobile Virtual Reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) that leverages the backside as a touch-sensitive surface. With FaceTouch, the user canExpand
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Belt: An Unobtrusive Touch Input Device for Head-worn Displays
Belt is a novel unobtrusive input device for wearable displays that incorporates a touch surface encircling the user's hip. The wide input space is leveraged for a horizontal spatial mapping ofExpand
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Glass Unlock: Enhancing Security of Smartphone Unlocking through Leveraging a Private Near-eye Display
This paper presents Glass Unlock, a novel concept using smart glasses for smartphone unlocking, which is theoretically secure against smudge attacks, shoulder-surfing, and camera attacks. ByExpand
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Evaluating VR Driving Simulation from a Player Experience Perspective
The majority of HCI research in the field of automotive interfaces and driver-vehicle interaction is conducted utilizing driving simulators. High-fidelity simulators are expensive; in consequence,Expand
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inScent: a wearable olfactory display as an amplification for mobile notifications
We introduce inScent, a wearable olfactory display that can be worn in mobile everyday situations and allows the user to receive personal scented notifications, i.e. scentifications. Olfaction, i.e.Expand
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The effects of mobility, encumbrance, and (non-)dominant hand on interaction with smartwatches
Smartwatches are designed for short interactions in varying mobile contexts. However little data is available on how present mobile conditions affect interaction with these devices. In this work, weExpand
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SurfacePhone: a mobile projection device for single- and multiuser everywhere tabletop interaction
To maintain a mobile form factor, the screen real estate of a mobile device canIn this paper we present SurfacePhone; a novel configuration of a projector phone which aligns the projector to projectExpand
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PocketThumb: a Wearable Dual-Sided Touch Interface for Cursor-based Control of Smart-Eyewear
We present PocketThumb, a wearable touch interface for smart-eyewear that is embedded into the fabrics of the front trouser pocket. The interface is reachable from outside and inside of the pocket toExpand
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From the private into the public: privacy-respecting mobile interaction techniques for sharing data on surfaces
Interactive horizontal surfaces provide large semi-public or public displays for colocated collaboration. In many cases, users want to show, discuss, and copy personal information or media, which areExpand
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Movelet: a self-actuated movable bracelet for positional haptic feedback on the user's forearm
We present Movelet, a self-actuated bracelet that can move along the user's forearm to convey feedback via its movement and positioning. In contrast to other eyes-free modalities such asExpand
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