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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness of an integrated and dynamic electronic decision support system for management of acute asthma in the ED. METHODS A randomized trial was conducted comparing clinician performance using this electronic interface compared with paper documentation in a simulation scenario. The outcomes were documentation of(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors previously developed a dynamic and integrated electronic decision support system called ACAFE (Asthma Clinical Assessment Form and Electronic decision support). The objective of this present study was to evaluate the effectiveness of this system on asthma management and documentation in an ED. METHOD Observational study using a pre-(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the present study was to describe the implementation of an organizational learning model and evaluate the effectiveness and usability of an application used to facilitate it in an ED setting. METHODS This was an implementation case study and technology evaluation. The organizational learning model was implemented using an online(More)
On the evening of June 23, 2016, a white powder advertised as cocaine was purchased off the streets from multiple sources and used by an unknown number of persons in New Haven, Connecticut. During a period of less than 8 hours, 12 patients were brought to the emergency department (ED) at Yale New Haven Hospital, experiencing signs and symptoms consistent(More)
The nested parallel (a.k.a. fork-join) model is widely used for writing parallel programs. However, the two composition constructs, i.e. "||" (parallel) and ";" (serial), that comprise the nested-parallel model are insufficient in expressing "partial dependencies" in a program. We propose a new dataflow composition construct "↝" to express partial(More)
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