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The Vanderbilt Center for Better Health conducted a workflow analysis study to determine the benefits of implementing a computerized provider order entry system in the adult Emergency Department. Time savings by role was 1619 hours/year for nurses, 815 for medical receptionist, -95 for attendings, and -100 for residents. Translating time savings into bottom(More)
It is acknowledged that progress in combined therapeutic approaches for Alzheimer's disease (AD) will require an unprecedented level of collaboration. At a meeting co-hosted by the Accelerate Cure/Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease Coalition and the Critical Path Institute, investigators from industry, academia and regulatory agencies agreed on the need for(More)
DEDICATION To my family: Mammy, Daya, Misty, Rachel, Khadisha and my darling Christelle. And to all my friends who were there for me through it all. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Working on this thesis has been one of my greatest learning experiences. It has challenged me in ways I never thought possible, and has provided me with skills that will be beneficial(More)
Combination therapy has proven to be an effective strategy for treating many of the world's most intractable diseases. A growing number of investigators in academia, industry, regulatory agencies, foundations and advocacy organizations are interested in pursuing a combination approach to treating Alzheimer's disease. A meeting co-hosted by the Accelerate(More)
David Dilts is a professor of both the Owen Graduate School of Management and the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering (VUSE). His areas of research focus on in the intersection of technology, management, and operations management. Currently he has an active research program studying such topics as extended enterprise. & supply network integration,(More)
We have constructed a computer program that allows sequential sets of data from tessellated cellular mosaics to be evaluated such that the presence and position of abnormal cells in the mosaic can be easily, quickly, and quantitatively identified. Conventional parametric analysis of the global morphological organization of large tessellated cellular mosaics(More)
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