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The spontaneous arterial diseases of the dog relevant to safety assessment studies of drugs are the extramural coronary arteritis of Hartman, intramural coronary arteriosclerosis (with amyloid deposition) occurring in older dogs with cardiac disability, intramural arteriosclerosis without amyloid deposition in the left ventricle of dogs with congenital(More)
In awake or lightly anesthetized dogs increases in heart rate (HR) induced by atrial pacing affect cardiac output (CO) and stroke volume (SV) in a predictable way that is represented by a SV-HR relationship (dSV/dHR). Under our experimental conditions where normal regulation of atrial rate was bypassed, atrial rate was the independent variable and CO and SV(More)
A diet supplemented with cholesterol and coconut oil is atherogenic in dogs. The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of this diet on red cells in pure-bred beagles and greyhounds. Within 3 days after the initiation of this diet red cell cholesterol/phospholipid increased and membrane fluidity decreased, with maximum changes attained by(More)
THE occurrence of specific types of cardio-vascular disease in different species, breeds, and strains or families of animals is pertinent to a consideration of the role of heredity in these disorders. Variations in the types and prevalence of cardiac and arterial disease in different genetically related groups of animals are no,t explainable at present on(More)