David Demaris

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Several research programs employing spatio-temporal recurrent dynamics and changes in dimensionality have extended the dialog on neural computation and coding beyond classical frameworks such as feed forward and attractor neural networks and feature detectors. Some have emphasized spiking networks, while others emphasize oscillations and synchronization as(More)
Ambiguous percepts have often been explained by simple satiation or fatiguing of neural circuitry coding the percept, while more recently some explanations involving nonlinear dynamics have appeared. The Necker Cube literature indicates that satiation is unlikely in early stages of the visual system, that the formation of depth Gestalts is a local process,(More)
Hierarchical physical design is essential for large VLSI chips. This paper describes a new efficient floorplanning system designed to work within a hierarchical design environment; it supports either "strict" or "pseudo"-hierarchy, and multiple design styles. We have demonstrated that our mix of interactive and automatic floorplanning tools allows users to(More)
Problems unique to the visualization of complex, partially automated design tasks such as VLSl system design are reviewed, and approaches are described. The design domain used to illustrate the approaches is chip-level " floor-planning, " an iterative-refinement design methodology for VLSl layout, routing, and timing control. The general view structure and(More)
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