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Do you understand how to apply the Guide to Measurement Uncertainty (GUM)? The analysis supporting the Primary Standards Lab's accredited uncertainty claims for its 10MHz frequency reference is used to examine some of the differences in the various GUMs, the tradeoffs between using a simplified vs. a more rigorous approach, and how some of the difficult(More)
An interlaboratory comparison of Josephson voltage standards has been made among 16 national, industrial, and military standards laboratories in North America and 1 in Europe. The comparison was made at 10 V using a set of four travelling Zener reference standards. A pivot laboratory made measurements at the beginning, at the end, and at 9 other times(More)
This new portable fest sef uses a digitalprocessor to present direct-reading, autoranged measurements of level and frequency, substantially reducing operator errors, Other conveniences simplify setup and operation. |n ONTINUING EXPANSION OF THE world's tele-\.r phone network intensifies the need for means of testing telephone lines expediently. Now more(More)
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