David DeLima Morais

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BACKGROUND The dynamics of gene evolution are influenced by several genomic processes. One such process is retrotransposition, where an mRNA transcript is reverse-transcribed and reintegrated into the genomic DNA. RESULTS We have surveyed eight vertebrate genomes (human, chimp, dog, cow, rat, mouse, chicken and the puffer-fish T. nigriviridis), for(More)
BACKGROUND Functional diversification of genes in mammalian genomes is engendered by a number of processes, e.g., gene duplication and alternative splicing. Gene duplication is classically discussed as leading to neofunctionalization (generation of new functions), subfunctionalization (generation of a varied function), or pseudogenization (loss of the gene(More)
We investigated whether the origin of primary inoculum of the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici can be inferred from evidence of adaptation to host cultivars. We compared the aggressiveness of two pathogen populations collected locally, the first considered as resident (collected from debris in a wheat cv. Soissons monoculture plot) and the second(More)
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