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In the present study we investigated the nature of the muscarinic receptors present in the hippocampus, sympathetic ganglia, atria and salivary glands of the rat. The heterogeneity of the muscarinic(More)
In the pithed normotensive rat the effect of the calcium entry blocker nifedipine was studied on alpha 1-adrenoreceptor-mediated pressor responses of intravenously administered (-)-noradrenaline,(More)
The adrenoceptors involved in the increase in diastolic pressure and heart rate elicited by i.v. administration of pilocarpine to the pithed rat were assessed using as pharmacological tools the alpha(More)
N-ethylmaleimide (NEM) rapidly blocked the negative chronotropic effect of carbachol on rat right atrium. In contrast, NEM did not reduce the negative inotropic response to muscarinic (M) receptor(More)