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gevolution: a cosmological N-body code based on General Relativity
We present a new N-body code, gevolution, for the evolution of large scale structure in the Universe. Our code is based on a weak field expansion of General Relativity and calculates all six metricExpand
General relativistic N -body simulations in the weak field limit
We develop a formalism for general relativistic $N$-body simulations in the weak field regime, suitable for cosmological applications. The problem is kept tractable by retaining the metricExpand
General relativity and cosmic structure formation
When general relativity is included in large-scale simulations of the cosmic structure of the Universe, relativistic effects turn out to be small but measurable, thus providing tests for models ofExpand
New CMB constraints for Abelian Higgs cosmic strings
We present cosmic microwave background (CMB) power spectra from recent numerical simulations of cosmic strings in the Abelian Higgs model and compare them to CMB power spectra measured by Planck. WeExpand
Safely smoothing spacetime: backreaction in relativistic cosmological simulations
A persistent theme in the study of dark energy is the question of whether it really exists or not. It is often claimed hat we are mis-calculating the cosmological model by neglecting the effectsExpand
Latfield2: A c++ library for classical lattice field theory
It is a significant rewrite of the latfield framework, moving from a slab domain decomposition to a rod decomposition, where the last two dimension of the lattice are scattered into a two dimensional process grid. Expand
General relativistic cosmological N-body simulations. Part I. Time integration
This is the first in a series of papers devoted to fully general-relativistic $N$-body simulations applied to late-time cosmology. The purpose of this paper is to present the combination of aExpand
Scaling from gauge and scalar radiation in Abelian Higgs string networks
We investigate cosmic string networks in the Abelian Higgs model using data from a campaign of large-scale numerical simulations on lattices of up to $4096^3$ grid points. We observe scaling orExpand
Energy-momentum correlations for Abelian Higgs cosmic strings
We report on the energy-momentum correlators obtained with recent numerical simulations of the Abelian Higgs model, essential for the computation of cosmic microwave background and matterExpand
Type I Abelian Higgs strings: Evolution and cosmic microwave background constraints
We present results from the first simulations of networks of Type I Abelian Higgs cosmic strings to include both matter and radiation eras and Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) constraints. In Type IExpand