David Dako Chiozem

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Two amides, heitziamide A and heitziamide B and two phenylethanoids, heitziethanoid A and heitziethanoid B together with thirteen known compounds were isolated from F. heitzii (Letouzey). The structures of all compounds were established by spectroscopic analysis. Nine compounds were evaluated for oxidative burst inhibitory activity in a chemoluminescence(More)
Two new β-indoloquinazoline alkaloids, orisuaveoline A (1) and orisuaveoline B (2), two new furoquinoline alkaloids, quinosuaveoline A (5) and quinosuaveoline B (6), and 12 known compounds were isolated from Oricia suaveolens. The structures of the new compounds were deduced by spectroscopic studies. The absolute configuration of nkolbisine (4) was also(More)
Bioassay-guided fractionation of the methanol extract of the stem bark of Klainedoxa gabonensis Pierre ex Engl. (Irvingiaceae) afforded 12 compounds, namely, ellagic acid (1), ellagic acid 3,3'-dimethylether (2), gallic acid (3), methyl gallate (4), lupeol (5), β-amyrin (7), erythrodiol (8), oleanolic acid (9), betulinic acid (6), hederagenin (10),(More)
Two new friedelane-type triterpenes named 12alpha-hydroxyfriedelane-3,15-dione and 3beta-hydroxyfriedelan-25-al, together with six known compounds were isolated from the stems of Drypetes paxii Hutch. (Euphorbiaceae). Their structures were established on the basis of conventional 1 dimensional (1D) NMR methods, 2D shift-correlated NMR experiments and mass(More)
The CH2Cl2/CH3OH (1/1) extract of the dried stem of Drypetes chevalieri Beille afforded two new triterpenoïds named drypechevalin A (11-oxo-beta-amyrin-3beta-ylcaffeate) and drypechevalin B (3,7-dioxo-D:A-friedooleanan-24-al) along with five known compounds: lupeol, lupeone, erythrodiol, putranjivadione, friedelin. Their structures were established on the(More)
A new pentacyclic triterpenoid and three new derivatives based on the taraxer-14-ene skeleton with a C-28 attached a carboxylic acid group have been isolated from the stem bark of Hypodaphnis zenkeri, together with six known compounds. The new product was identified as 2α,3α-dihydroxytaraxer-14-en-28-oic acid (1). Its derivatives,(More)
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