David D van Niekerk

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UNLABELLED An existing detailed kinetic model for the steady-state behavior of yeast glycolysis was tested for its ability to simulate dynamic behavior. Using a small subset of experimental data, the original model was adapted by adjusting its parameter values in three optimization steps. Only small adaptations to the original model were required for(More)
UNLABELLED Oscillations are widely distributed in nature and synchronization of oscillators has been described at the cellular level (e.g. heart cells) and at the population level (e.g. fireflies). Yeast glycolysis is the best known oscillatory system, although it has been studied almost exclusively at the population level (i.e. limited to observations of(More)
UNLABELLED In an accompanying paper [du Preez et al., (2012) FEBS J279, 2810-2822], we adapt an existing kinetic model for steady-state yeast glycolysis to simulate limit-cycle oscillations. Here we validate the model by testing its capacity to simulate a wide range of experiments on dynamics of yeast glycolysis. In addition to its description of the(More)
Introduction: Weisberg et al. [1] first described intergrowths of enstatite and kamacite in meteorites classified as unequilibrated enstatite chondrites. These intergrowths are often spherical and consist mostly of metal (kamacite) with euhedral enstatite crystals protruding into it or wholly enclosed within. The apparent absence of impact melt features led(More)
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