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, A broadcast communication network that interconnects multiple hosts N considered. A job generated by a host is either generic, m which case It can be processed at any of the hosts in the network, or dedicated, m which case it must be processed at the host from which it originates. It is assumed that each host can generate several types of dedicated jobs,(More)
We study an assemble-to-order system with stochastic leadtimes for component replenishment. There are multiple product types, of which orders arrive at the system following batch Poisson processes. Base-stock policies are used to control component inventories. We analyze the system as a set of queues driven by a common, multiclass batch Poisson input, and(More)
This study is motivated by a process-reengineering problem in PC manufacturing, i.e., to move from a build-to-stock operation that is centered around end-product (machine type model) inventory , towards a configure-to-order (CTO) operation that eliminates end-product inventory — in fact, CTO has made irrelevant the whole notion of pre-configured machine(More)