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Holographic optical coherence imaging is a full-frame variant of coherence-domain imaging. An optoelectronic semiconductor holographic film functions as a coherence filter placed before a conventional digital video camera that passes coherent (structure-bearing) light to the camera during holographic readout while preferentially rejecting scattered light.(More)
Finite-size scaling analysis applied to single fractures with weakly correlated aperture distributions reveals a fundamental scaling relationship between fracture sti↵ness and fracture fluid flow. Computer simulations extract the dynamic transport exponent, which is required to collapse the flow-sti↵ness relationships onto a universal scaling function. Near(More)
Listen to a gathering of scientists in a hallway or a coffee house, and you are certain to hear someone mention phase space. Walk down the science aisle of the local bookstore , and you will surely catch a glimpse of a portrait of a strange attractor, the powerful visual icon of phase space. Though it was used originally to describe specific types of(More)
Spinning-disk interferometers are a new class of analytic sensors to detect immobilized biomolecules with high speed and high sensitivity. The disks are composed of a large number of surface-normal self-referencing interferometers, analogous to an optical CD, but operating on the principle of microdiffraction quadrature that achieves sensitive linear(More)
except for brief excerpts in connection with reviews or scholarly analysis. Use in connection with any form of information storage and retrieval, electronic adaptation, computer software, or by similar or dissimilar methodology now known or hereafter developed is forbidden. The use in this publication of trade names, trademarks, service marks, and similar(More)
Common-path in-line shearing interferometry, combined with pixel-array imaging, provides a surface metrology that achieves 15 pm surface height resolution. An eighth-wave thermal oxide on silicon generates a reference wave locked in the condition of phase quadrature for phase-to-intensity conversion that makes surface height or index variations directly(More)
Microscopic imaging of cellular motility has recently advanced from two dimensions to three dimensions for applications in drug development. However, significant degradation in resolution occurs with increasing imaging depth, limiting access to motility information from deep inside the sample. Here, digital holographic optical coherence imaging is adapted(More)
Experiments were performed on transparent two-dimensional micro-fluidic porous systems to investigate the relationships among capillary pressure and the interfacial areas per volume among two fluid phases and one solid phase. Capillary pressures were calculated from the observed interfacial curvature of the wetting – non-wetting interface, and these(More)
Adaptive spinning-disk interferometry is capable of measuring surface profiles of a thin biolayer with subnanometer longitudinal resolution. High-speed phase modulation in the signal beam arises from the moving surface height profile on the spinning disk and is detected as a homodyne signal via dynamic two-wave mixing. A photorefractive quantum-well device(More)
The effects of the scale of measurement, i.e., the field-of-view, on the interpretation of fracture properties from seismic wave propagation was investigated using an acoustic lens system to produce pseudo-collimated wavefronts. The incident wavefront had a controllable beam diameter that set the field-of-view at 15 mm, 30 mm and 60 mm. At a smaller scale,(More)