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Grounds of Natural Philosophy
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Malebranche and Occasional Causes
In VI.ii.3 of The Search After Truth Malebranche offers an argument for the view that only God is a cause. Here I defend an interpretation of the argument according to which Malebranche is supposingExpand
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True and immutable natures and epistemic progress in Descartes's Meditations
In the Fifth Meditation, Descartes introduces a being for which his system appears to leave no room. He clearly and distinctly perceives geometrical properties and concludes that, even though theyExpand
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Observations Upon Experimental Philosophy
Philosophical and Physical Opinions
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Descartes on the immutability of the divine will
Descartes holds that God's will is immutable. It cannot be changed by God and, because He is supremely independent, it cannot be changed by anything else. Descartes' God acts by a single immutableExpand
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Rationalism and Education
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Agency And Consciousness
In Intentionality and other works, John Searle establishes himself as a leading defender of the view that consciousness of what one is doing is always a component of one’s action. Expand
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