David Crowe

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In this paper we present an approach to boosting performance and tolerating latency by deferring non-critical instructions into a deferred queue for later processing. As such, instruction deferral allows more critical instructions to be fetched, dispatched, and possibly executed, earlier.We present methods for identifying deferrable instructions using(More)
Inherent within complex instruction set architectures such as x86 are inefficiencies that do not exist in a simpler ISAs. Modern x86 implementations decode instructions into one or more micro-operations in order to deal with the complexity of the ISA. Since these micro-operations are not visible to the compiler, the stream of micro-operations can contain(More)
Broadband wireless networks coupled with handheld computers and appropriate sensing technologies provide a channel for the delivery of mobile cinema. Mobile cinema changes the consumer experience of motion picture stories in that discrete cinematic sequences are delivered based on the consumer's location and the a story-real-time metric. The M-Studio(More)
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