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C urrently recommended N management in North Carolina and elsewhere in the humid southeastern USA is based on realistic yield expectations (RYE). In North Carolina, N recommendations based on RYE are made from a database of RYE by soil map unit or based on a grower's documented historic yields (the average of the best three yields during a 5-yr period;(More)
Mobile devices can carry large amounts of personal data, but are often left unsecured. PIN locks are inconvenient to use and thus have seen low adoption (33% of users). While biometrics are beginning to be used for mobile device authentication, they are used only for initial unlock. Mobile devices secured with only login authentication are still vulnerable(More)
Lemurs are a unique and diverse group of primates that are endemic to the island of Madagascar. Unfortunately, they are also the world's most endangered mammals. Habitat loss, hunting pressure, and illegal trafficking for the pet trade are ongoing threats, and population numbers for most lemur species are declining. In order to implement effective(More)
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Background: Long-term research of known individuals is critical for understanding the demographic and evolutionary processes that influence natural populations. Current methods for individual identification of many animals include capture and tagging techniques and/or researcher knowledge of natural variation in individual phenotypes. These methods can be(More)
Carbohydrate metabolism is impaired in the aged. Whether this is related to impaired glucose uptake or to other factors remains unclear. We measured changes in proliferative activity, glucose uptake, and disaccharidase activity in the intestinal mucosa of mice aged 2, 12, 24, and 30+ months to evaluate glucose absorption and its relationship to intestinal(More)
Dexter-type cultures derived from the bone marrow of young and aged mice were established as in vitro correlates to the hematopoietic microenvironment and inoculated two weeks later with fresh bone marrow-derived stem cells (colony-forming units, CFUs) from young, syngeneic mice. Such cultures allowed the observation, quantitation and evaluation of(More)
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