David Crossley

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I review some features of the Global Geodynamics Project during its initial phase of operation 1997–2003. These fall into three categories: (1) instrumental—the development of the superconducting gravimeters during this time; (2) organizational—how the various SG groups have come together to improve their installations and provide their data; and (3)(More)
Vol. A, pp. 71–72 Birmingham, UK. Crossley, D. & Hinderer, J., 2002. GGP Ground Truth for Satellite Gravity Missions, Bull. Inf. Mares. Terr., 136, 10 735–10 742. Crossley, D., Xu, S. & van Dam, T., 1998. Comprehensive analysis of 2 years of data from Table Mountain, Colorado, in Proc. 13th Int. Symp. Earth Tides, Brussels, July 1997, pp. 659–668, eds(More)
OBJECTIVE Earlier reviews and meta-analyses have consistently concluded that psychological treatment of depression is effective in older adults. We conducted a systematic review randomised controlled trials of group psychotherapy to present the best available evidence in relation to its effectiveness in older adults with depressive disorders. METHODS(More)
As has been recognized for several years, attempts to validate GRACE satellite data using any kind of ground data immediately runs into the problem of horizontal scale lengths. Over Europe we have only 7 GGP stations operating since GRACE observations began and these are insufficient to give more than a simple averaging of local hydrology variations. Yet(More)
Phytoplasma collections are a vital resource for researchers and diagnosticians studying phytoplasma diseases. They provide material as a point of reference and a research tool to increase our understanding of phytoplasmas and the diseases they cause. This chapter describes the techniques required to create and maintain collections of phytoplasma-infected(More)
The Global Geodynamics Project (GGP) is an international network of superconducting gravimeters (SG) first established in 1997 and further extended in 2003. It was decided during the last IUGG assembly in 2007 to move to a permanent network hosted by IAG and become part of GGOS. Several new locations are being planned to extend the network to about 30(More)