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Amazigh Activism and the Moroccan State
W hen primary school students in the major Berberspeaking regions of Morocco returned to class in September 2004, for the first time ever they were required to study Berber (Tamazight) language. TheExpand
Essentially Amazigh: Urban Berbers and the Global Village
The last thirty years in North Africa have witnessed rapid urbanization, massive international migration, a global communications revolution, and the statesponsored education of millions of people.Expand
Nationalism and Minority Identities in Islamic Societies
The movement of nation building in Islamic societies away from the secular or Pan-Arab models of the early twentieth century toward a variety of 'nationalisms' was accompanied by growing antagonismExpand
Morocco's invisible Imazighen
This paper asserts that Morocco's Imazighen (Berbers) are often ignored in current academic literature. When they are not ignored Berbers tend to be presented in historical or apolitical terms. ThisExpand
Encountering Morocco: Fieldwork and Cultural Understanding
Acknowledgments Introduction \ David Crawford and Rachel Newcomb 1. Arabic or French? The Politics of Parole at a Psychiatric Hospital in Morocco \ Charlotte E. van den Hout 2. Time, Children, andExpand
Inventive articulation: how High Atlas farmers put the global to work
This chapter explores how farmers in the Moroccan High Atlas put the global to work. It emphasises the agency of local people and the way villagers seize upon changing opportunities for their ownExpand