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Simple and multivariate linear models were used to demonstrate the influence of mechanical design and climate on stem morphology and branching architecture in 25 species of North American columnar cacti. The effect of phyletic inertia was tested by the method of independent contrasts. Stem girth was found to increase significantly slower with increased(More)
When consumers exhibit present bias and are time-inconsistent, the standard solution to market failures caused by externalities—Pigouvian pricing—is suboptimal. I investigate policies aimed at externalities for time-inconsistent consumers. Welfare-maximizing policy in this case includes an instrument to correct the externality and an instrument to correct(More)
The research direction in modeling complex, chronic conditions for health policy evaluation has been to incorporate individual heterogeneity. This detail makes our models more powerful and relevant. In implementing an individual simulation model of colorectal cancer we have recognized two considerations related to incorporating individual heterogeneity that(More)
INTRODUCTION Colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates are suboptimal, particularly among the uninsured and the under-insured and among rural and African American populations. Little guidance is available for state-level decision makers to use to prioritize investment in evidence-based interventions to improve their population's health. The objective of this(More)
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