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A self-biased current reference based on the MOSFET Zero Temperature Coefficient (ZTC) condition is presented. It can be implemented in any CMOS process and it provides a simple alternative to design a reference current suitable for low TC biasing. This topology was designed in a 0.18 μm process to generate 5 μA under a supply voltage from 1.4V to 1.8(More)
The linearity and noise requirements in multi-band multi-standard applications make the design of RF CMOS mixers a very challenging task. In this paper a new highly linear CMOS mixer based on the Gilbert-cell topology is proposed. We introduce a second- and third-order distortion cancellation mechanisms using Post-distortion harmonic cancellation (PDHC). A(More)
The continuous scaling of CMOS devices has required the consequent reduction of the supply voltages. There is a need for analog and RF circuits able to operate under at supplies lower than 0.5 V. This paper presents a voltage reference based on the MOSFET zero-temperature condition (ZTC) that operates with a low 0.5 V supply. The circuit is composed by a(More)
An electromagnetic interference (EMI) source can significantly degrade the performance of a current reference since its finite Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) of the later. For that reason A modified current reference with high immunity to EMI and a new current mirror structure insensitive to induced EMI are proposed based on the classic boot-strapped(More)
The necessary conditions to design MOSFET transconductors with low temperature dependence are analysed and defined in this paper. Transconductors, or Gm circuits, are fundamental blocks used to implement adjustable filters, multipliers, controlled oscillators, amplifiers and a large variety of analog circuits. Temperature stability is a must in such(More)
A 0.7 V supply voltage fully differential first order GZTC-C filter is herein proposed. The GZTC-C filter definition is used in this paper as a Transconductance-Capacitor filter (Gm-C) in which its gm stage is biased exactly on transconductance zero-temperature (GZTC) bias condition. This special bias point has all necessary conditions to design MOSFET(More)