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Optical techniques are often used for the development of new monitoring systems for wastewater quality. The different techniques, light scattering, UV-IR spectrophotometry, fluorimetry and image analysis have given rise to recent instruments but are often limited for industrial applications. After the presentation of the principles, the advantages and(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my dad Abu Haniff Khan, mom Nazmun A. Khan, sister Sharmin Khan, and fiancé Zariat Afrin, for their help, guidance, and support throughout my educational career. It would not have been possible for me to achieve this academic accomplishment without them. College of Engineering Dean's Office and the Graduate School(More)
Has information technology failed to Fulfill its promise of significant productivity improvements for industry and for the economy as a whole? If so, what has prevented it and what are the implications for CSCW design and deployment? These questions were addressed by a standing-room-only panel discussion of "The Productivity Paradox" at CSCW'92. The dis-(More)
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