David Colver

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Since 1963 intermittent reports have appeared which indicated that deletion of a D chromosome, with or without ring formation, could be associated with various congenital malformations (Bain and Gauld, 1963; Lele, Penrose, and Stallard, 1963; Thompson and Lyons, 1965; Jacobsen, 1966; van Kempen, 1966; Bloom, Gerald, and Reisman, 1967, Gerald et al, 1967;(More)
A family with the reciprocal translocation t(9;22)(q13;q11) segregating in genetically balanced and unbalanced form is identified. The clinical features of four members with trisomy for the short arm of 9, and the proximal part of the long arm of 9, are described in detail. Features in common are summarized and compared with developmental abnormality(More)
Various techniques for developing spreadsheet models greatly improve the chance that the end result will not contain basic mechanical errors. However, for every discipline in which a given technique is useful, there is likely to be another in which the same technique works badly. As a result, the author urges that EuSpRIG does not succumb to internal or(More)
A common application of spreadsheets is the development of models that deliver projections of the future financial statements of companies established to pursue ventures that are subject to project financing. A survey of 11 such spreadsheets prepared by a range of organisations shows that the amount of self-testing included in such models ranges between one(More)
  • V Dubowitz, P Cooke, David Colver, F Harris
  • Journal of medical genetics
  • 1971
This is a report on two unrelated male children with a stable ring chromosome of the G group, associated with severe mental retardation, an unusual facies, and pachyonychia congenita of the toe nails. The facial appearance was so strikingly similar, that the diagnosis in the second case was suspected clinically. Although there have been a number of reports(More)
Inclusion analysis is the name given by Operis to a black box testing technique that it has found to make the checking of key financial ratios calculated by spreadsheet models quicker, easier and more likely to find omission errors than code inspection. 1 CALCULATE MORE THAN ONCE One approach among many [Pryor, 2004] [Panko, 2006] for improving the chance(More)
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