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We present a new Laplacian solver for <i>minimal</i> surfaces---surfaces having a mean curvature of zero everywhere except at some fixed (Dirichlet) boundary conditions. Our solution has two main contributions: First, we provide a robust rasterization technique to transform continuous boundary values (diffusion curves) to a discrete domain. Second, we(More)
In this paper we present dart throwing algorithms to generate maximal Poisson disk point sets directly on 3D surfaces. We optimize dart throwing by efficiently excluding areas of the domain that are already covered by existing darts. In the case of triangle meshes, our algorithm shows dramatic speed improvement over comparable sampling methods. The(More)
We describe an importance sampling method to generate samples based on the product of a BRDF and an environment map or large light source. The method works by creating a hierarchical partition of the light source based on the BRDF function for each primary (eye) ray in a ray tracer. This partition, along with a summed area table of the light source, form an(More)
Purpose. To correlate the surface energy of active and carrier components in an aerosol powder to in vitro performance of a passive dry powder inhaler. Methods. Inverse gas chromatography (IGC) was used to assess the surface energy of active (albuterol and ipratropium bromide) and carrier (lactose monohydrate, trehalose dihydrate and mannitol) components of(More)
AIM To create a standardized systematic quality assurance system for diabetes care throughout Scotland. METHODS Each of 15 National Health Service (NHS) boards have submitted core diabetes data for a nationally agreed data specification on an annual basis since 2001. These data are collated to produce an annual national report. We describe the iterative(More)
Combat stress reactions (CSR) are a source of significant morbidity on the battlefield, and they initiate the cascade of psychophysiological dysfunction that results in the posttraumatic stress disorders. During Operation Desert Storm in early 1991, very few allied CSR casualties were observed. However, Iraqi soldiers experienced intense conditions likely(More)
This paper develops importance resampling into a variance reduction technique for Monte Carlo integration. Importance resampling is a sample generation technique that can be used to generate more equally weighted samples for importance sampling. This can lead to significant variance reduction over standard importance sampling for common rendering problems.(More)
We present Energy Redistribution (ER) sampling as an unbiased method to solve correlated integral problems. ER sampling is a hybrid algorithm that uses Metropolis sampling-like mutation strategies in a standard Monte Carlo integration setting, rather than resorting to an intermediate probability distribution step. In the context of global illumination, we(More)